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AG-Services is lead by Guillaume Ardoise

Guillaume (49) has over 18 years of experience in Offshore Oil&Gas and Marine Renewables and a dual
expertise in both technology and business development.

He has lead numerous technical due diligences and accompanied several technology developments.

His recent involvements include:
- Offshore Floating Wind:                     Principle Power; Gusto (Dutch Trifloater), DCNS + Nass&Wind (Winflo)
- Offshore Wind:                                       A2SEA, EDF-EN, UFO/FredOlsen, SHL, SeaRenergy/Siemens
- Wave Energy Conversion:                         SBM S3, PWP, OE Buoy, Anaconda
- Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion "OTEC": DCNS Demonstration, Lockheed-Martin FEED

Do not hesitate to contact AG-Services for further details and references.
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